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from the hills and the rebellion crushed. On the successful termination of the patrol a 30 fort was built at Umvunga Dr

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ift, where I remained for some time; but it was a most unhealthy place, nearly every man going down, sooner or later, with fev

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er and dysentery. There was absolutely no medicine of any sort in the place, and we consequently lost several men. I myself

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had a bad attack of dysentery, but managed to cure it by making a

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very thin mixture with my ration of flour and some water,

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which I drank daily until the attack was cured. In the ce

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ntre of the fort stood a big tree, and after cutting away the

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branches at the top we erected a platform on the trunk

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, which, besides serving as a look-out, made a splendid platform

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for a Maxim gun which we mounted there, and were thus able to com


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mand the surrounding country within range. During my stay her

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e we had one or two brushes with the natives, but they gradually settled down; so, on a relief force being sent up, I returned to Bulawayo, where the corps was disbanded. I then got a post as one of the guard over a number of murderers lying in Bulawayo gaol awaiting sentence, all of whom were finally h

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anged. In the course of the twelve months that I rema

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